Ever wandered how to clean a hammock when it is mildewy or just plan dirty? You could always buy a new hammock. But here is a better way to keep your hammock lasting longer than one season.

Hammocks are designed to withstand frequent outdoor and recreational uses. However, there are times when we have left it out all summer and not protected it from the elements. Or it has been in storage all winter and when we take it out to use it in the spring, it has mold and moldew.The best way to remember to clean your hammock is at the same time we change our clocks for daylight savings time. To keep it lasting for years to come, here are a few tips for keeping yours clean.Items needed:Your hammock, mild soap or detergent, soft bristle brush, and a driveway or hard surface free of debris for hammocks with spreader bars or a tub or large sink for hammocks without spreader bars.For rope, quilted, or fabric with spreader bars-Step One: Lay the hammock on the driveway or hard surface that is free of debris.Step Two: Use a mild soap or detergent and a soft bristle brush and clean each side of the hammock. Be sure to keep the spreader bars out of the water.

Step Three: Rinse with water. When finish, allow to air dry.

For hammocks without spreader bars-

Step One: Bring the two hanging rings together and fold it in half.

Step Two: Just below the rings, tie the hammock together. (This will help prevent the rings and lines from being tangled.)

Step Three: Place the hammock in a tub or sink.

Step Four: Use a mild soap or detergent and a soft bristle brush. Do not use bleach or other strong chemicals as this will damage the hammock.

Step FIve: Rinse with water.

Step Six: Spread the hammock out and allow to air dry.

Other tips: Be sure and completely dry it before storing at the end of the season. If you keep it clean of mold and mildew, your hammock will last for years to come.

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